My 8 reasons to join CrossFit if you think you are not made for it.

by Paolo

Because you think you can’t do it (and you’re wrong)

If you’re wondering around the Internet trying to understand what CrossFit is, probably you already saw a lot of big guys and fit girls. CrossFit Boxes are usually packed with incredibly prepared athletes, but that does not mean you can’t be part of the game.  The CrossFit training system is scalable and easily accessible for every kind of person. Even for you. You will be surprised by the things you will do and the improvements you will achieve.

Because you will learn to not give up

How many times, following your daily program at your gym, you ended up cutting reps or exercises because you were feeling a bit tired or bored? Doing your CrossFit workouts you will be motivated by your trainers, your mates and your desire to achieve results, to finish up the full program once you started it. You will improve your determination and constancy: two basic skills in the Box and in your everyday life.

Because you need motivations to move your ass

Nowadays people tend to get lazy. The sedentary life deriving from office jobs and daily routines gives us a lot of excuses to not take care of ourselves, cutting down our motivations. The CrossFit community – once again: your trainer, your mates, and you – will be a very efficient driver that will push you to take an hour for your own well being. 

Because you don’t have enough time

Each one of our days is packed by deadlines and stressful tasks. And the daily routine often doesn’t allow us enough time for our social life and physical activity. “Ain’t nobody got time for that”, a popular Internet meme says. But without making big compromises you will find time for CrossFit. You can be sure everything will be done in an hour or less. And after that, you will be tired and satisfied as never before. Cutting down those boring (and time expensive) 30 minutes of warm-up on the treadmill.

Because you will feel healthier

You will feel healthier and fit. And this will happen very soon. Your body will be surprised by all the new things you will be doing, and you will end up with a strange, addicting sense of well being. This will motivate you to carry on a healthier lifestyle, taking care of your alimentation and your sleep quality. Simple actions like climbing stairs, or carrying shopping bags will become surprisingly easier.

Because you will make new friends

One of the distinctive signs of CrossFit is its community. People going to the same Box tend to become friends. During the daily workouts, athletes are driven to bond, helping and motivating each other out. You will socialize with your mates and, perhaps, you will build up new friendships.

Because you will feel more confident with your body

You will be trained to do things and movements that you thought were reserved to a small number of people. And you will be surprised by how powerful your body is and how more powerful it can become. This will turn up in a renewed confidence in your body and your physical possibilities.

Because you will never get bored

A daily/weekly workout program of a regular gym bores us all. And in a short time, we tend to loose our motivations. CrossFit WOD changes every day, and you will rarely end up doing the same thing two times. Plus, the intensity of the training will keep you excited about what you are doing.

May you always do what you are afraid to do

May you always do what you are afraid to do (