I joined a 100 Burpees Challenge. What about you?

by Paolo

100 Burpees Challenge (100burpees.rolandoalberti.ch)

100 Burpees Challenge (100burpees.rolandoalberti.ch)

Guess what? Burpees don’t like you either. Many times we read this sentence in Internet memes and, probably, is just the truth. Anyway, it happened last Monday, that we had to face one of those MetCon WODs packed of Burpees. And it literally knocked most of us down. And so my friend Rolando, one of the box managers, had one of his brilliant ideas: lets start a 100 Burpees Challenge!

We started the first of October with 1 Burpee, and we will add one everyday. This until the 100th day on which we will – hopefully – be able to do 100 unbroken Burpees, with 5050 Burpees done in 100 days.

Rolando is covering the challenge on its own blog (100burpees.rolandoalberti.ch), posting some useful tips everyday.

The myth of Milone

Milone is the most famous fighter and an Olympic champion of the ancient Greece, lived in the second half of the VI century, before Christ. A legend says that he trained since his childhood lifting a calf. He did it everyday, and his strength grew together with the calf that was getting heavier, growing day by day. Milone won six ancient Olympic games.

Milone di Crotone, Pierre Puget (Paris, Le Louvre)

Milone di Crotone, Pierre Puget (Paris, Le Louvre)

And now: why don’t you join our challenge?

Probably, you don’t like Burpees. Why don’t you try to start fighting the daemon joining us in our 100 Burpees Challenge? Burpees can be done everywhere: at the box, at home or at office (for the joy of your colleagues) and are a great MetCon exercise which will help you getting better results during the WODs.
You can start today (6th of October) with 6 Burpees and stay with us for the next 94 days.